Send Paul to the Electoral College

Send me to the Electoral College in 2008 and I promise that I will vote exactly as I am supposed to. I will not abstain in a protest, vote for "the other guy" or otherwise do anything foolish. I will dress up nice, behave myself, and vote. I am a resident of the State of Kansas and a registered voter.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Local Election Tomorrow!

Be sure to vote in the primary election tomorrow, Tuesday February 27, 2007! At least, in Johnson County, Kansas... check with your local election board!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Election Day coming up!!

As a young Boy Scout, I can remember reading a special section of my Scout Handbook on “Citizenship” – it explained the basic rights and duties of me as a citizen in my community, in my nation, and in my world.

Of particular note was a simple table that listed on one side the “rights” that I can have as a citizen, and on the other side the “duties” that I have as a citizen. “VOTE” was the only act that was listed as both a right and a duty. It is something I remember to this day.

Many people have fought bravely for our right and duty to vote. Please honor them by exercising your right and duty to vote in this upcoming Election Day.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

The Importance of Local Elections

So many times I hear people say that they don't vote in the "smaller elections" because they "don't matter as much" as the Presidential Election which happens once every four years.

My belief is somewhat different. I believe that the local elections are far more important! There are several reason for this:

  1. Local Elections affect my daily life. The local tax issues, the value of property, creation of roads and re-zoning of real estate affect my daily life. Local sales tax issues affect my spending, and local tax abatements for larger companies affect the local economy and my income. Local Judges make many decisions about the community law.
  2. I have more voice in Local Elections. In a national election, even through the electoral process, my vote is one among the state. In a local election I am one vote in the city or county or even the ward or precinct, depending on the issue. My vote has a louder voice.
  3. I have more awareness of local issues. Local issues on sales tax and property are easily understood and felt by members of the local community. However, it is very difficult for the average person (me included) to truly have a grasp of the needs of foreign policy issues or even many federal issues.
  4. I have a greater understanding of local candidates. It is very unlikely that I will ever meet a Presidential candidate before the election, and even if I meet one I would not likely get to know them. However, a local mayor, council member, or judge is someone I can meet and get to know. I can spend time with them and understand who they are.

Please don't mis-understand me: the federal elections are very important. Just don't forget the local elections!

Don't forget to vote in the local elections on April 4. JoCo KS Election Board

Truman Sports Complex Stadium Voting

I've heard news about a new stadium vote, but I can't seem to find any official balloting for Johnson County... It looks like the stadium issue is only for Jackson County, Missouri.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Local Government Politics - How to be effective?

by Al Arnold Copyright 2006 Al Arnold

So, you have an issue with your local government. How can you most effectively convey your message? Without being able to effectively convey your message not just to the governing body, but your fellow citizens, your job of swaying public opinion and votes your way, is difficult. You need to organize your points.

You need to start by deciding what is the one BIG reason for you supporting or opposing an issue. One BIG reason is better than a multitude of small reasons. It is the old KISS theory. Keep it Simple Stupid.

* Your one BIG reason is how you start and end every discussion of the issue. People can understand one BIG reason. They might be able to remember one BIG reason. They cannot remember a number of little reasons.

* The one BIG reason should make "your cause" also "their cause." You must be able to explain why the decision is important to them, and not just to you.

* If you don't have one BIG reason, you risk the danger of switching your reasons around from one discussion to the next. People will get confused as to your real motives.

* If you don't have one BIG reason for your position, your job of swaying opinions just got much harder.

* Finally, if you don't have one BIG reason for your position, why do you have any interest at all?

Beyond your one BIG reason, you then must list your smaller concerns in priority. You do this in order to become organized in your position. You must be able to recite your smaller concerns one right after the other.

As your issues progresses, some of your concerns on your list may be satisfied. Cross them off the list. Or, maybe new concerns are developed. Add them to the list. Your goal is to have every one of your concerns satisfactory decided in your favor. Realistically that won't happen as compromises almost always have to be made. But, your goal is to win every concern.

Along with knowing your side of the issue, you must also know your opponents side of the issue. You should attempt to know their side even better than they do! Only be studying their side of the issue will you be able to develop arguments to counteract their position.

If you really wish to be effective in local politics remember these tips. They will help you to become a winning local government activist.

About the Author: Al Arnold is the Founder of the National Association of Local Government Activists. The association dedicated to fighting Local Government Apathy. http://WWW.LocalPolitics101.US He is also the author of Moving Mountains and Molehills Local Politics 101, a book that explains how you can be effective in local politics.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Johnson County, Kansas General Election - April 4, 2006

Upcoming general election for Johnson County, Kansas. Don't miss out on this chance to vote on important local topics. Both cities of Leawood and Mission have an election for Mayor as well as council member positions. Prairie Village, Shawnee, and Westwood also have many council member positions up for election.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Announcing: The LOGO

Here is the logo for our cause! I've settled on black and white because I believe that the determination of an electoral vote is black and white and should not be influenced by personal issues. It is reflective of my stance that the Electoral Vote should be determined by the people and not by the Elector.